Christopher J. Ferguson

As a young woman in Florence, Diana Savranoís life is a
privileged one of elegant balls, handsome suitors and
frivolity.  But the sudden death of her mother leaves her
adrift and abandoned.  As she sobs over her mother's casket,
another member of the procession reveals the awful truth:
that before her last days, Diana's mother had joined a
Luciferian cult.  Despite knowing little beyond her pampered
world, Diana determines to unmask those responsible for her
motherís death.  But someone does not want such secrets
revealed, and they are willing to send assassins to keep her
silent.  Paranoia and loneliness set in as even her closest
friends reveal hidden agendas.  Worst of all, the further she
follows the intertwined threads, the closer they appear to
lead to her own father.

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